That’s right…..I have been here for a year as of yesterday!  It feels like no time at all has past.  I guess staying this busy at school helps with making the time pass relatively quickly.

I started working on a ring for my friend Sharra.  Bill and Glenn have been on me for a while to do some scroll work that I drew myself and then pierce and cut it out.  So I am incorporating that into the design.  She wants 4 of her favorite runes engraved on it and a spessartite set.  I spent the morning drawing and re-drawing and re-re-drawing some scrollwork for the concept.  I spent the afternoon actually engraving it.  Since it is less detailed than the bracelet I just worked on, it took substantially less time.  This is going to be difficult enough to cut and pierce.  I think I have enough room for a second ring off the same ingot that I poured today.  I will say that I am thankful that I decided to buy that silver bowl off of John so long ago.  I am still using pieces of silver from that bowl.  I imagine I probably have another 2 or 3 troy ounces to do something with.  I also have some of that silver ring stock left too.

Tomorrow, I will start cutting and piercing the scroll work on Sharra’s ring.  I am not sure if the first try is going to be good enough, but if not,  I can just do it again (and hopefully not make the same mistakes I might be making now….).

Bill also purchased 19 Kruggerands from some guy today, which is 25,000 dollars worth of gold.  I took a couple of pictures of one of those too…..