I haven’t quite decided which option I will use to fix the one messed up setting.  I think I would rather just plug the hole and camouflage it rather then trying to jury rig a new setting.

I went yesterday to the local hardware store and bought a length of PVC to fashion the inner chassis that holds the electronics.  I also got a small can of paint for the touch up work which ultimately proved to be the WRONG kind (latex).  I did a test run with one of the kill keys and sure enough, this morning the paint scratched right off with my fingernail.  Missy said I could try model paint or rustoleum.  I looked on the web and a set of 8 colors of model enamel paint is like 12 bucks after shipping.  I will probably try that route first.  I did manage to get a color match at the hardware store so it wasn’t a complete waste.   I probably will have to mix the enamel paint with black to make it a little darker but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I did receive good news this morning from Micheal about the soundboard.  He said he moved the resistor leg to the correct location and the board now works just fine.  He said he was going to fix it and ship it back at no charge to me because he overlooked the issue on my diagram.  That is a very generous thing for him to do.  He said it should get put in the mail tomorrow.

I am continuing the quest of tying up all the little loose ends……