Yesterday, I boxed up the hilt and the electronics and overnighted them to Rhode Island.  I have been a stupid hamster on a wheel for days and days and days.  I decided to contract my friend Deanna at Vader’s Vault to do a pro install for this time.  I hate to admit defeat but I simply don’t have ability to figure out the electronics and I don’t have anyone onsite who can help me there.  Some of them tried and they were ALL wrong.  I am feeling frustrated, to say the least.

The silver lining is that Deanna will be adding Flash on Clash functionality to my soundboard, which has only become available for the Petit Cruton in the last couple of weeks.  She will be constructing a custom inner chassis for the the electronics as well.  I believe, actually, that seeing how the pros do it will be very beneficial to me in the long run.