I spent a day cleaning up the scroll work and putting a nice polish on it in preparation for setting the stones.  It looks rather nice all shiny.  I spent today doing a few practice stones to make sure when I start setting tomorrow on the hilt that I have my game on.  I initially tried a thin piece of brass that turned out to be harder than diamond impregnated steel (or maybe it just seemed that way).  That was not very successful due in part to the stones sticking out the bottom and getting messed up accidentally.  I was just free handing the piece.  I didn’t have it shellac’ed down or anything.  I attempted to pour a brass ingot today which was only partly successful.  I think part of the problem was I had to make do with at casting crucible and not a pouring crucible.  Anyway, I did get a piece that was big enough to be useful and after 4 tries, I finally re-acquired my bead setting mojo.  Tomorrow, I will be working on the hilt stones.  I did send off the soundboard for repair on Tuesday.  Hopefully it won’t take too long…..