I spent Thursday working with the screws and screw holes for the switch box.  The first set that had been drilled is basically fine.  The screws go down where they are supposed to.  The other 2 holes were more problematic, but I prevailed in my quest.  I had to cut off another pair of screws that were just ONE thread revolution longer than the first two I tried to use.  I wouldn’t have thought such a small bit of a screw could make such a difference.  But with the holes in places where I can just drill further, I made do with what the scenario I have.  The tap of course is still broken.  I may talk to Glenn about that too.  I found a bunch tap related supplies in the Jantz catalog that randomly showed up at my doorstep last week.  I need to buy him one and myself one (or maybe 2).  Glenn helped me do the hole in the emitter piece for the wires.  It isn’t all that pretty, but the switchbox will completely cover the un-pretty up, so I am not worried about that part.

I am delighted to report that I finally had the powdercoating done yesterday (Saturday, for those not near a calendar).  It looks fantastic, in my opinion.  The aluminum parts are now a gorgeous shade of medium green that nicely accentuates the brass scrollwork.  I can’t wait to see how it looks with the stones set.

I also broke down and purchase a new tablet for my laptop.  I had another pen go bad on me and I happened to see where Wacom has just recently released the next version of the Bamboo (which has been my tablet for 3 years or so now).  I found one on Amazon for a good price (and free shipping), so I went ahead and ordered it.  I must say, the new Bamboo Create does NOT disappoint!  The functional area is twice the size of the old one.  It has touch capability too, which is a little odd.  I’ve never liked the glide-point things on laptops, and this essentially is a GIANT glidepoint in that mode.  I love the new pen.  It has replaceable nibs too, which is great.  The tablet came with Photoshop Elements 9, Corel Painter Essentials 4, and Autodesk Sketchbook Express.  3 amazing programs AND they have tutorials for them on the disk as well.  I have spent most of this weekend doing Elements tutorials and Painter tutorials.  I  have a much better grasp of how to make things happen in Elements than I EVER have before.  I am looking forward to doing better quality artwork all the way around!