I know it’s been a week since my last update.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  Part of it is that my space upgrade for pictures expired and it didn’t seem very useful to post without pictures.  The pictures are, in my opinion, a very important part of this particular blog experience.  Another reason is basically a LACK of meaningful progress. It seems the closer I get to being done, the more goes wrong.  I spent many days working on this stupid switch box.  I am currently on the 5th attempt at fabricating said box.  It’s very close to being done, but the solder that is SUPPOSED to be a joint connecting the inner curved piece (that will physically house the switches) WILL NOT FLOW no matter what  approach I have tried.  I don’t understand why the techniques that have been successful in the past are not working.

I have also had NO END of trouble trying to get the wall portion of the box to fit the curve of the outer plate.  I spent 2 whole days trying to get it to cooperate.  It seems simple enough in theory to find where the high spot in the underside curve is but filing that down time and time and TIME again DID NOT yield a matching set of components.  I think that if I need to do a switch box again in this style, I am going to push the wall up through a hole in the outer place instead of trying to file a curve into it.

To top THAT little anecdote, I was tapping the other two holes for the switchbox plate, and on the LAST HOLE, I broke the tap.  I about lost my mind!!!!  Glenn was able to work some Ho Chunk Gearhead Magic upon the offending piece of tap that refused to come back out of the hole.  He spent all day doing it.  I feel a little guilty about that……

I did finally hear back from the guy about the soundboard.  He said to try soldering a 100 ohm resistor between two specific pads on the back of the board.  That should fix the problem and if it doesn’t, I will send it off for repair.  Apparently, when the kill key is in the recharge port, power is cut to the negative terminal but NOT the positive one.  I figured I would be OK if the kill was installed, but NOOOOOOO.  An internal resistor is blown, according to the best guess guy.  If power is being supplied in that scenario, the soldering iron itself can complete a circuit that blows that particular resistor.  Another lesson learned……..