I have spent the last several days working on small scale issues.  Part of that is refining my plan for getting wires to the switch (I am somewhat apprehensive….).  I have also spent some time on the forums gathering EVEN MORE advice and ideas for the challenges that continue to arise.

I did spend some time fashioning a brass oval for the switch assembly.  THAT took THREE tries to get right (or close enough to right for the time being).  I will have to do some final shaping on the oval.  Right now I am trying to wrap my head around the best way to mount the emerald cut amethyst in the brass oval so it moves freely enough to trigger the momentary switch below, but NOT so freely that it goes flying off into the ether, never to be seen again.

I did order a bunch of parts that I needed last week.  The switches and the higher end LED’s came today.  I am pleased to share that one of the professional sabersmiths on the forum offered to walk me through the color mixing process.  She and her husband are know for the purple color they get so that knowledge will be indispensable.

Today I went ahead and cut the bad set of threads off the pommel.  That piece of brass continues to act in a passive aggressive manner.  Glenn brought the radius turner into the shop and I turned a shallow dome on the end of the pommel.  Tomorrow, I expect I will be boring out the inside of the pommel.  In theory, that should be the last bit of major machining that I have to do.