…..apologies to Hannibal Smith.  I have spent 2 days boring out the pieces of the the emitter assembly.  It is finally complete, after having given me fits!  I  was using an inside micrometer (on of Glenn’s MANY tools of unusual and very necessary-ness)  to check the bore diameter.  I was taking light cuts because I was afraid to over do it.  Somehow, a slight inner bulge developed in the outermost brass component.  Luckily, Glenn worked some Gearhead Magic and straightened the bore out.

I drilled and tapped the set screw hole this afternoon and did a fitting on the blade with the LED housing in place.  The blade goes in a full 3 inches inside the hilt, so it should be a very stable platform for moderate dueling, if the future owner (whomever that may be) decides that they want to.  I had Glenn take some pictures of me with the nearly complete hilt.  In a couple of the pictures, the blade looks like it’s glowing but there are NO electronics installed yet.  It is simply reflection of light by the diffusing film that is inside the blade.  The blade I have is 31 inches viewable.  I am thinking I might should get one that is 34 inches viewable.  The one I have just feels too short…….

Bill, Damon, Tammy and I went to the Renne Faire in Bristol this weekend.  We had a good time down there.  Damon bought a rapier and dagger combo.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take my camera OUT OF MY POCKET the whole day, so I have no photos to share of that…….