On Thursday, I continued my quest to correctly seat the screws for my hilt.  It took a fair amount of trial and a large amount of error to figure out what worked.  I prevailed, however, and figured out another list of things NOT to do next time.

Later on, we took a trip to the Scot Forge in Clinton, WI.  That was pretty neat.  They do basically most of the same things we do on a MUCH larger scale.  They were working 5000 lb billets of steel that were red hot.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures so I don’t have anything to show you on that.

On Friday, I was fooling around some more with the screw issue.  Aaron was successful in fixing the errant holes with his TIG welder.  Today I was working on bringing the surface to a uniform level on the lathe and sanding it all nice and pretty.  I also did the bevels in the brass for the screws.  Glenn is busy with a customer’s project so I don’t know when I will be getting back to completing the lathe work on the last 2 pieces.   The good news is I can do the holes that need re-doing and get the tube powdercoated and be working on the stone setting.

I went camping with my cousin Dee and her husband, John (and a family they are friends with).  I hadn’t been camping in a while but we had a good time.  The one bad part was the sleeping situation.  I had a thin pad underneath my sleeping bag.  It felt like I was laying on a piece of wrought iron.  You can see some grumpy-ness in one of the pictures, as a result….