….a hole, that is.  I put the finishing touches on the shape of the blade emitter component this morning.  It didn’t look right for a while, but then I realized I had forgotten a small step down that is flat before the big taper.  I sanded it down, but I haven’t polished the outside yet.  I spent the rest of the day primarily boring the center hole.  The part that will be threaded is only .60 inches deep but I went ahead and did a .25 inch pilot hole and then I started with a .75 inch bit, which turned out to be messed up.  So I switched to a half inch bit and bored all the rest of the way through.

I did start doing the holes in the long tube in preparation for the stone setting operation.  I only got about a quarter of them done though.  I am gonna have to push the powdercoating thing back a week, since neither of the pieces are ready, despite having spent an ENTIRE week upon them…..oh well….