I have spent the last week in what seems like primarily a never ending cycle of engraving, re-engraving, sanding, polishing and re-polishing.  The scroll work is basically to the point I want it to be finally.

I have spent yesterday and today working on the custom machining involved.  I had to do some major planning and “blue-printing”.  I took some renders off of a website and modified them to suite my needs.  It was helpful to figure out precise dimensions for the custom parts.  I am going to be machining my tail off for the next three days.  I talked to one of Missy’s friends today who has a side business doing powdercoating.  He took a look at what I need and we worked out what I feel is a reasonable agreement.  He has a batch of various projects going on this weekend so I desperately want to have my stuff ready by Friday evening.  The tube part is not all that difficult.  I just have to turn it down .025 inches.  He did recommend that I go ahead and pre-drill all of the holes for the stones, which is going to take a good long while.  Machining the middle piece of the blade emitter assembly is going to be quite a chore as well.  I had to take pieces of BLOCK aluminum and turn them into cylinders.  Tomorrow I will take one of those and do that middle piece.  I think I am gonna do test runs of the two other pieces that will ultimately be made out of brass so I can work out the bugs and kinks which will inevitably appear.   The piece that needs powdercoat is the priority.

I am continually finding things that I have to figure out.  Hopefully though, at the end of this month it will be done and I will have a good handle on exactly what needs to happen and in what ORDER for the next time I make a hilt like this.