I borrowed that phrase from Glenn who was talking about some lady he knows today.  I spent part of Friday examining the inner workings of one of my folders.  I am gonna have to fabricate a similar design for the blade I made.  I am thinking I might do some new (and better) scales for the knife that you see in pieces in the pictures.

Today I went back to my hilt.  I started doing step-polishing with my flex shaft and I actually got that done before quittin time.  I went through 3 levels of course-ness with the polishing wheels.  The black ones are the most course and I managed to destroy SEVERAL of those.  Then I switched to the blue one wheel and then on to the pink one.  There are still a few minor issues here and there but I wanted to get the lion’s share of the polishing done so I could see very well what I have to work with.  We are talking about doing the anodizing part some time in the next 2 or 3 days.  I am also going to take my gravers and do a some detail work on the scrolls.  I need to have everything well polished, the anodization done, and the threads cut before I start setting the stones.  I still have a ways to go on this!

On Friday we also got to watch Bill attempt to fix a 205 year old silver teapot.  He fought and fought with the solder trying to get it to flow before the heat dissipated all over the teapot.  In the process, he cause porosity in another section of solder which, as it turns out, was LEAD solder.  He theorized that it might have been originally constructed that way.