I drove back here to Cheeseheadistan on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I came into the shop to find out that a multi-day field trip to the Edgerton Forge had been planned for the rest of the week.  So we have been forging damascus the last two days till late in the day.  That is why I haven’t posted since I have been back.

Initially, Bill tried to get a coal fire going.  We spent the whole morning trying to get the coal to catch on fire, but it wouldn’t cooperate.  Eventually he decided to just turn the gas forge on.  He had talked about doing the hammering manually too, but at that point, he was frustrated enough to flip the power switch on the power hammer. The Mig welder has spent two days making us miserable.  The welding wire has a remarkable knack for kinking up inside the machine.

The larger knife is one that Steve (the owner of the forge) did at some point.  On that blade, you can see a nice random pattern in the pictures.  The long skinny billet with the star pattern was the demo billet that Bill forged on Wednesday.  Somehow it got REALLY skinny, so Bill is thinking about making some damascus jewelry out of it.

I simply continued on with the small billet I was working on a YEAR ago.  I now have a blade for a pocket knife that actually looks the part.  Bill said I will have to etch it quite a bit more to get the contrast in the layers to be more apparent.

My sister’s wedding was a success.  I got a lot of positive feedback about the rings.  I passed out a bunch of my cards too, so hopefully when people are thinking about custom metal work, they just might think of me in the same sentence.