Part of this day have been fine and then other parts, NOT so much fine.  I spent yesterday filing and sanding and polishing on the two wedding rings.  They look quite lovely, if I do say so myself.  All that is left is stamping my mark in there (WHICH NOW I CAN DO!!!!!….) and engraving the text that Esba and Carl asked for.

Bill demo’ed what he calls a mystery twist for Damon and I yesterday.  I think I have seen that before but it was nice to see again.  We spent some time talking about the different methods I can use for patterning damascus and mokume as well.  There are so many patterns out there.

Today I started engraving the final project piece today.  THAT part is not going as well as I would like.  Brass, I have discovered is very temperamental from an engraving perspective.  The surface is very inconsistent and it causes to graver to slip no matter how sharp the graver is.  I am working with it, though (luckily brass is relatively cheap) and if this ends up needing to be a practice piece, than it can be.