The smaller tips came for my soldering iron came today.  I have been switching back and forth between the rings and the lightsaber (usually when I get frustrated with one or the other).  I borrowed some stranded wire from Bill to replace the solid copper stuff that I bought mistakenly on Tuesday.  That definitely works out better all the way around.  The LED is now functioning but I don’t have sound yet.  There are 4 terminals on the speaker itself.  The + terminal is clearly marked (as you can see in the photo) but the black visual “aide” actually could point to either of the two middle terminals.  I am gonna get on the forums and see if there is any wisdom to be had on the subject.  I will probably solder the lead to the other terminal first to see if that is all that is wrong.

Esba’s ring was giving me trouble yesterday.  Most of the liner soldered just fine to the Mokume but some of it just REFUSED to!!!!  I was pretty upset and THEN, THEN I was looking at the pictures and realized that I had somehow used 14 K YELLOW solder……I about had a meltdown at that point.  If all goes according to plan, a casual observer won’t be able to tell without 10X magnification but still.  Bill let me borrow his plastic solder box that has 8 little subdivisions that are labeled, but the one that had the hard white gold solder is right below the one with the easy yellow solder.  So when I reached for the easy solder I was just assuming that the boxes were pairs of hard and soft, hard and soft, all in their respective colors.  And I was mistaken (as a side note: the box that is SUPPOSED to CONTAIN actual white gold EASY solder, is empty anyway……).  I don’t think it is the end of the world.  Even if I have to do another ring (which it may very well come to that, but I hope not), I have plenty of mokume and white gold to do so.  The time spent of course is killing me a little bit.

So, Esba….if you are reading this, don’t freak out!  Just a minor set back……..


UPDATE:  I got on the saber forum that I have been using as my guiding light and posted pictures of what I had and a helpful soul pointed out to me that I had soldered one of the wires going to the speaker onto the wrong terminal.  I attached that wire to the correct terminal, and VIOLA! LIGHT and SOUND…..woo hoo…..

I guess I need to get a micro or mini SD adapter for the Petit Cruton SD card (not sure if it’s mini, or micro)…..