The lightsaber parts came around lunch time today.  The powdercoating didn’t turn out the way I expected but the gray coloration is growing on me, I think.  Glenn and I are scheming on how to get a hold of a switch that will work and how to “adjust” the blade emitter to accommodate my wishes in that department.  The hilt is actually an inch longer than I thought it would be so it is quite long.  Still for a first timer, I think it will be fine.  I spent most of the afternoon soldering the electronics together.  That was a struggle because of the size of the tip on the soldering iron (and also because of the speed at which the iron consumes butane).  Several of the connections I still managed to do OK.  But a few of them need a smaller tip.  I ordered a set of 3 SMALL tips tonight that should be here on Thursday.  One of them is just shy of a tenth of an inch (for the working area).  That one should work very well for my needs.  I am also gonna have to adjust the battery holder which is too wide to fit in the area that I have to work with.  There are lots of challenges ahead, but I think I am up to the task.