It’s not a complete disaster by any stretch, just didn’t work AS well AS I had hoped.  I got the billet soldered together and got 3 twists in OK.  Then the stupid vice grips began to slip off as I tried to twist further.  Bill apparently has magic powers and he was able to get another twist done.  Of course, I had been annealing like always between each twist and I went and annealed again.  Bill told me to go ahead and  put another twist in the billet.  I really wanted to quit while it was in one piece (minus the 2 normal end pieces that were already off).  I sighed inwardly and went ahead and tried.  Lo and behold, the stupid billet tore off about 2 thirds of the way to the vice.  I was about ready to start committing gory crimes at that point.  I have enough of a piece to roll out because that piece is still 10 mm wide (roughly square….and I don’t wanna talk about that…… :-().  It’s currently 40 mm long (too short currently) but by the time I roll it down to a couple of millimeters thick, it will be more than enough.

The good news is that I have a nice pattern in that hunk of silver and palladium.  I sawed the piece that broke off in two to see about that.  I took some pictures of that.  Tomorrow will be better….

I spent some time the last few days further refining and tweaking the hilt design.  I am going to do a full border all the way around the scroll work and the border area on the sides that will wrap around is going to just get screwed into the aluminum tube.  I am just going to use some of the tubing I already have on hand and turn it down to the appropriate size.  Bill knows somebody who can do the powder coating for me on the aluminum.  Glenn and I were scheming about different ways to accomplish the blade emitter.

My parts for the trial run shipped today FINALLY!!!!  Not sure when they will get here, but I will definitely have my hands full for the next several weeks.  Missy also said she knows someone who might be able to help me get a hold of small LEDs that I could use to do my own Makototsai-style blade.  THAT would be quite awesome…..