I spent the morning carefully cleaning up the bezel mount.  No catastrophies insued, for which I am very thankful.  I’ve had more trouble than I bargained for from the get go with this project.

My next task was to construct the copper wire “shelf” that sits in the center of the bezel to keep whatever you put in there level.  This took several tries to get the right width.  I ended up going with a 1.15 mm copper band.  The mokume piece sits level but it does want to pop up on one side.  For some reason the sides of the bezel are resisting my efforts to crimp them down in advance of the final bezel pushing operation.  Missy has already left for the day so I guess I will be asking her at a later time.  I do think it will be quite beautiful when it is all finished and polished.

I also got on the TCSS website and, lo and behold, the order went through the first time, just the way it’s supposed to.  So in a couple weeks (maybe, and HOPEFULLY, less…..), I will be working on my first lightsaber hilt!!!! Stay Tuned…….

Bill and Glenn were playing with a blow gun today and constructing various bolts from scratch to go in it.  Apparently Bill’s ex is having a rabbit infestation, so he is prepping to take care of that……