Yesterday, I managed to get the bezel back together.  I also got it soldered onto the silver sheet and soldered a jump ring in place.  Missy has been making a little pendant similar in concept (but quite different in design) to demonstrate the various steps of this.  Hers, of course, turned out beautifully.  Mine is still in progress.

Today I was cleaning up the sides of the piece in preparation for actually setting the mokume rectangle.  Somehow I filed a small hole in one side.  This upset me quite a bit.  This whole thing has been a giant headache composed of lots of smaller headaches.  AND THEN, in the process of trying to fix the small hole, I managed to melt 2 gaping holes in the bezel itself.  I was very unhappy, to say the least.

Missy suggested soldering some “decorative” borders on the sides.  She did one, which looks good.  I did one, which doesn’t look as good.  Hopefully the clean up work tomorrow will not result in more holes to be fixed or holes drilled into my head…..

It will look really good if I can effectively clean it up and get the focal piece set.  I tried to order the hilt parts today, but the TCSS (The Custom Saber Shop) website was wonky and wouldn’t let me complete the order.  I put an email into their customer service to see if their site is having tech difficulties.  I did go ahead and order a soldering iron (without problem) from amazon.  I shall keep you posted…..