Yes it’s been a bit longer than normal since I posted.  Last week, I did talk to Bill about the next few weeks of instruction.  He said he would like me to build an actual working, fancy-pants hilt, complete with light and sound.  I spent several days combing lightsaber forums for information and advice.  I am thankful that there is so much to be had.  Lots of video tutorials as well, which will help.  On the main forum that I am looking at, there are 23,000 threads, with nearly 400,000 posts total.  Now of course, I don’t have to read each and every one of them.  But it is nice to know there is a DYI support group out there for first timers like myself.  I am going to do a trial run with off the shelf modular parts.  I should be ordering those in the next couple of days.  More on that to come…..

Today I have been trying (and not succeding) to get the bezel mount pendant finished.  I formed the bezel without too much trouble, but when I soldered it to the backing sheet, ONE corner managed to slip ever so slightly off the edge of the sheet.  That will make more sense when you look at the picture.  Missy told me I would have to heat it up till all the solder (which is a LOT of solder) flowed and then pull the whole bezel off.  Well, the bezel disentegrated on me.  I am going to have a go at soldering it back together tomorrow morning.  I am just too frustrated right now.  I feel confident in predicting that I would mess it up EVEN worse than it is right now if I tried to do it this afternoon…….

It will be better tomorrow….