**I don’t know what this didn’t get posted when I typed it up a month ago, but here it is…..**

First thing this morning, I did some more remedial solder on the second billet.  I am still considering what method of shaping (or what combination of methods) I would like to try.  I may do some file work and THEN twist it.  I’m not really sure yet.  A lot depends on how the other billet turns out.

As you can see in the pictures, I have subdivided the first billet into six parts.  Basically it is going to make 2 pendants.  One pendant will have conical tapers on each end (which will be a third the length of the pendant a piece) and the middles section will be filed sqaure.  The other pendant will have pyramid “tapers” on each end and the middle part will be left round.  I am looking forward to seeing exactly how both pieces turn out.  It is a LOT of work, but I think it is worth it.  I am probably going to go ahead and come in tomorrow and work for a while .

I fooled around with one of the “scrap” pieces of mokume today as well.  I was experimenting a little to see what sort of designs I could come up with using a ball burr.  I have rolled that piece out to about 22 gauge, which is roughly half a millimeter.  Now I have to sand both sides down till they are both perfectly flat (or very close to it….).