We found out today that 5 weeks ago, in Kentucky, the plant that supplies the majority of Acetylene in the U.S. blew up.  It’s taken this long for the info to reach us, I suppose because the local suppliers have been using up the gas they had on hand.  Casting is going to be interesting with propane and oxygen instead of acetylene and oxygen…..more on that story as it develops.

I stuck the other half of my twisted billet in the milling machine today and knocked off material on four sides.  It isn’t quite a rectangle, but that’s OK.  I think I am gonna work with the planes I have on the piece.  I will file basically 5 “facets” on the front of the piece that slop gently to the top.  I don’t think I am going to file them to a point, probably more like a small plateau.  On the opposite side, since it is squared off well, I plan to file 4 bevels.  I think this will also be a gorgeous pendant when I get done with it.