I was working on the two scrap pieces of mokume again today.  I was mostly happy with the pattern that I had on the bigger one.  Bill encouraged me to “expand” upon that, which turned into a disaster.  In order to file both sides flush (because I was shooting for a nice pattern on BOTH sides), I had to file and file and I destroyed the pattern that I had acheived.  Oh well……there is a learning curve with the shaping process, that much is clear.  I went ahead and etched it with nitric acid.  The coloration I got is nice.  The copper and brass are obvious.  The lighter colored, non-shiny metal is the sterling silver and the darker and not-un-shiny metal is the nickel silver.  I am going to have to buy some more silver solder (as much as I can afford, given that silver is more than FORTY-SEVEN DOLLARS AN OUNCE now……re-donkulous).  I have plenty of raw materials that I can use for mokume related projects and of course, I have the two main billets that are both in various stages of progress ( and should yield a total of 4 finished pendants between them).

So after that debacle, I worked on the smaller piece.  That process was a bit wonky too.  I used a file to do some horizontal grooves and then used the smallest dapping punch I could find on the backside of the piece (I didn’t even bother trying to do both sides on this one).  It really turned out quite a bit fuglier than I wanted (or expected).  I did go ahead and etch that piece as well.  I stuck it in the nitric acid for 60 seconds (the other piece I had only done 45).  The nitric acid started eating into the brass in addition to the copper in that period of time.  I like the way it looks.  I don’t know how long that sort of sparkly look will last when the piece is worn, but still……

I am planning to make a pendant out of that piece and I may mount a ruby near the bottom…….more to come….

I included a bunch of close ups of the mokume because I find it interesting to see what the different metals look like after the acid-etch….