I managed to not get quite as much done in the last couple of weeks as I had hoped.  However, I do have a few pieces to take to Jenni and Jim over at the gallery.  I spent yesterday stamping the items I am taking with a “sterling” stamp which went mostly OK.  I then had to “engrave” my hallmark on those pieces which was basically a disaster.  It is imperative that I get a hallmark stamp.  When I have enough cash to devote to that, it is at the top of my priority list.  I know Bill and Glenn want me to make one but I really don’t have the ability and I need the stamp….well, yesterday, to be honest.  So I am just going to order one.  I am also going to order a ‘sterling’ stamp and a ‘mokume’.

I was also perusing the library while making a list of the books I need to own for my personal collection of knowledge and I found a couple of winners that I had missed somehow.  One of them is a collection of 12,000 line drawings that are PERFECT for engraving practice.  That book is less than 25 dollars on Amazon.  The other is a simple, step-by-step instructions for doing jewelry illustration.  I didn’t check the price on it but I don’t imagine it is all that much.

I also made a mold yesterday of two of my favorite file rings which I am about to cut out……