On Friday and Saturday, I spent time getting stuff together in preparation for the gallery.  Saturday didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped.  I had one ring which got messed up but I ended up using it as a test platform for several different filing ideas.  Some of those turned out better than, well, some of the others.

On Monday, Dimitry and his lovely daughter (and apprentice) Masha stopped by the shop.  He brought a bunch of things that he has engraved and they were all breath-taking.  He does a lot of knife engraving and inlay work.  The pictures speak for themselves.  He also had quite a bit of advice for me.  I think I might try to arrange to study engraving under him for a while after I graduate from HAMA.  I’ll have to see how well the gallery thing goes AND how well the internet business goes too.  If I have to get a PT job, plus drive to Madison to do engraving stuff, PLUS rent a bench and spend time making jewelry, that is gonna be an awful lot on my plate.  If that is what I have to do, than so be it.  I would prefer to keep my sanity intact…..

Today I did 2 file rings.  The first one (the one that looks like a bunch of zig-zags) turned out pretty well.  The second one is maybe not quite so great.  I like the concept and I intend to continue on with that and perhaps refine it a bit.  I need to forge some mokume and do some file-work mokume rings.  I also need to finish that mokume bracelet, too.  I am not sure how much of this I can accomplish by Friday.  We will see.

I am also about to do a hard drive wipe on my laptop.  It’s routine maintenance but wish me luck none-the-less…..