Richard officially graduated today.  I shot about 6 minutes of video that I am planning to post on youtube here in a bit.  He has been a student for about 16 months, which is about the “academic” plan I am working on.

I spent some time looking at the jewelry that Jenni gave me.  There is about 7.5 dwt’s of sterling silver and maybe 2.5 dwt’s of 14 K gold of stuff that is actually labeled.  I will have to figure out what the best way to utilize that material.  There are some other pieces that I will have to test to find out what they are made of.

Bill showed me how to fix the hemisphere of the fairy ball that I was having difficulty with.  He used a goldsmiths hammer to cold-forge the giant gaping holes into tiny holes.  The tiny holes (or at least the lions share of them) then REFUSED all efforts to inject solder inside.  So I drilled out the problem areas with holes just slightly too small for the silver wire that I had on hand (22 gauge).  I forced ghetto-fabulous rivets into all the holes and tomorrow  Iwill be pounding and sanding on them….