I haven’t posted in a couple of days because the last few days haven’t been too exciting.  I have been working on a piece of wire-twist mokume which I up and decided to turn into a bracelet today.  I have been drawing the mokume out today and then, at the end of the day, I tacked it together.  You can see from the pictures that some work on the ends will be required.  I will probably solder metal balls of some sort on each end.  I am thinking about maybe soldering some sheet metal (either silver or mokume) squares in between the two strands and set some stones there.

I am also needing to get back on the cut-and-pierced ring too.  So much to do, so little time……

Bill found a guy who had an old rifle that he gave me to practice engraving on.  I definitely need to get some steel and start practicing on that.  I am thinking about joining the Fireams Engraving Guild of America to try to network with people who are doing that already.  It would appear that there are maybe less than 1000 people in the US that do that professionally.  I think there is plenty of engraving work to go around but I need to get REALLY good at it.

I met Jim Slattery today.  He and Jenni are partners at the Escapades Gallery.  They are the ones that want to have some of my stuff.  I showed him some of my work (I think he had seen pictures of most of it…) and he gave me a walking stick that he needs repaired.  That will be a special challenge but I think I am up to the task and Bill is going to help me with it.  Jenni gave me some old jewelry to melt down, some gold and some silver.  A few of them have some nice stones that I can utilize as well.  I am about to order some silver to actually put towards making stock for their gallery.