Sherry brought her Hydroflux to the shop today.  I am still neck deep in the fairy ball project so I didn’t really play with it, per se.  Bill did do a short fusing demo with some jump rings.  The torch burns REALLY hot.  Maybe not quite as hot as Acytelene, but it goes up to about 5600 degrees farenheit.  Plenty hot enough for nearly all the common bench tasks.  At some point I would like to have one.  It doesn’t have tanks that have to be refilled.  Instead it takes distilled water that has been charged with electrolytes and splits the water into its components to utilize the hydrogen as fuel.  Pretty nifty, in my opinion.

I spent the day dapping and filing and sanding on the second hemisphere.  It is very close to being ready for the next step, which is making the sound board.  I used the same length of wire for both sides and yet the second one is not quite the same size.  I am going to try and adjust it with the dapping stakes.

It would appear that Bill has a serious offer on the building that formerly housed our school.  He has been trying to sell it for a while.  And speaking of selling, his trip to Chicago on Friday was a bust.  He “sold” the necklace twice, but the owner rejected both offers.  Oh well……what can you do…..?