I tried to post last night but WordPress was being weird (or else the network here at school was…..)  I divided my time yesterday between working on one of the hemispheres of my own fairy ball and watching Bill do several next-step demos.  He took a piece of silver and cut a disc that would fit just a little ways into one half of his fairy ball.  Then he domed it very slightly and did a series of saw cuts to make tines that the dingers are meant to bounch off of to make the sound.  Sherry mistakenly refered to the dingers as “dingle-berries”……Bill and I had a good laugh over that one.  When Bill soldered the hemispheres together he accidently fused the dingers to the inside wall so, no sound was to be had from the example fairy ball.  Just goes to show that while Bill is highly skilled, things happen.

Today I started dapping the hemisphere I have been working with.  I have got it very nearly half-spherical at this point.  I did have to fix a few minor cracks but there is no daylight shining through.  When finished, the fairy ball needs to be virtually airtight.  My ball is going to be big enough to fully enclose the one Sherry is making.  At some point, I plan to try a meditation ball style set up with a standard fairy ball (probably out of sterling silver since no on will ever see it) inside a mokume gane outer ball.  First, of course, I need to successfully complete the standard issue fairy ball.

I managed to accidently heat-color the brass while I was annealing.  That is why some of the pictures look like the brass as spontaneously turned into copper.

Today was Kelly (our office manager) Woger’s birthday, which she shares with my sisters Mary Love and Sarah Beth.  Happy Birthday to all!