The competition that I entered into was for the Mid-West Jewelers Trade Show that was this last weekend.  I went for a few hours on Saturday and walked around a bit.  The show itself seemed smaller than last year.  I managed NOT to buy anything but a Calzone for lunch.  Afterwards I went up to the State Capitol just to see the monster crowd.  And Monsterous, it WAS!  The estimates were between 300,000 and 500,000 people crowded into a 250 meter square area around the capitol building itself.  I took some pics to give an idea of the Mad-House that central Madison is these days.  I spent some time today making plans to make my hallmark stamp.  If you recall, I tried that last fall and it went very badly.  I don’t really have high hopes for this one either, to be honest.  If it goes bad a second time, then I am just going to order a custom stamp from Rio and be done with it.

Missy called me yesterday to tell me that I had won Best in Show.  That was a rather pleasant surprise.  She described it as a “landslide”……

I have also created a Pente Oroi Design facebook page.  I need at least 25 people to Like it before it becomes ‘official’.  Feel free to repost that on your own FB as some people have done.  I will take all the help I can get.

I also ordered some silver today.  I need some casting grain so I got some coming and I also went ahead and got some 18 gauge wire, both round and square, to experiment with.  I’d like to do some Celtic Knot type stuff from scratch in the near future.