I spent yesterday polishing and sanding and drilling and burr-ing.  The design is looking pretty solid at this point.  I did decide to go ahead and make a mold of the ring.  Once I got the ring to the level of polish and trim that I wanted, I used the RTV solution and a frame to make a mold.  It is curing over night and I will be cutting it out (with close supervision) tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the day working on some new ring designs utilizing the pierced and cut out scroll work style as a basic concept.  I included a couple of pictures of what I came up with.

Bill said one of the judges of the competition spoke very favorably about my bracelet, which of course is good news.  The show is this weekend.  A live mouse managed to wander into the shop today.  Both the cats seemed interested in keeping it cornered.  I took a picture of it before Missy captured it and took it out next to the river to release it.

Bill and I also went over my file today.  He says I am on track to most likely graduate on time if I want.  I am tentatively predicting somewhere between 2 and 3 months more…..