I had a minor mishap today when a saw cut expectedly exited the piece directly into my thumb.  I had thought that my thumb was far enough out of the way to escape even if that event took place.  It was barely a flesh wound, to be completely honest.  I was worried that I would be bleeding all over the place but no such problem presented itself.

I finished piercing the ring today.  I am now having second thoughts about making a hilt using the same technique.  Nearly a days work for just this ring.  I’d be sawing for probably 8 to 10 work days if I did a single hilt this way.

I spent the rest of the afternoon using diamond burrs and round burrs to clean up the various edges.  It is starting to look pretty good, I think.  I will start doing some carving with gravers on monday to give the scrollwork some visual depth.

This morning, Bill showed us a neat way to work with Mokume.  He made a TFH-style pendant out of a copper and silver billet.  He sanded all the sides down nice and smooth and then etched the copper with nitric acid.  That revealed the grain of the copper to the naked eye and gave it a glittery, chatoyant look.  VERY cool stuff and I am gonna have to give it a try.  Mom has suggested making fancy Christmas Ornaments and I think this might lend itself well to that application.  After he etched the TFH, he plated it with 24 K yellow gold.  Then he sanded the plating off the silver.  The copper was etched to a physically lower level so it retained the gold plate.  Last but not least, he bead set a 21 point diamond on the top.  The pictures say it all……I can’t wait to do this myself.