Today has been a little frustrating.  It’s been one of those two-steps-forward, one-step-backward sort of days.  This morning I was soldering tabs on to all three pieces that will house the connecting tube.  I filed down part way on the main pieces so the tabs were in there good and tight.  I filed part of the lower half of  the tabs off and tried to smooth them into the piece.  That worked better on some then others.  But I got them all attached and shaped.  I had some trouble making the holes through which the tube-connector will pass.  But I eventually prevailed on that matter.

I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to put the bracelet together.  After I went through all the trouble of doing that, I had to undo it.  That is where frustration began to rear it’s head.  I managed to drop one of the hefty jump rings into the apparent black hole that resides beneath my bench.  I never found that one.  After looking for it for a long time, I made a new one.  I then dropped that one on the floor too!!!!    Richard was kind enough to help me find that one.

I also had to re-shape the entire bracelet slightly on the bracelet mandrel.  That annoyed me immensely too.  But it’s done now.  Missy helped me put a plan together for tomorrow to make a clasp.  I am going to do a toggle clasp.  Once I get that fabricated and attached to the 2 respective smaller pieces, I will attach them to the big piece.  Then all I will have left is polishing the whole she-bang and setting the stones…….