I spent today fabricating the clasp components.  I started on the ring component first by using the disc cutter to make a disc from the silver sheet I have been using for the main piece.  I started trying to cut out the inside circle with a saw and eventually decided that was a big fat waste of my time.  I went back to the disc cutter and took a punch two sizes smaller and popped out the inside part.  It was a little off, as you can see from the pictures.  I just filed down the parts that were catty-wampus.

After that, I took the same piece of sheet and sawed off a piece that, for all intents and purposes, was a piece of square wire.  Then I balled up some silver scrap with the torch and soldered the balls to both ends of the wired.  After I was sure it was all together properly, I took a file and round the corners of the square wire to basically an oval shape.

Next I started working with jump rings.  That set of jump ring pliers paid for itself today.  I had very little frustration with making the rings and, surprisingly, I didn’t have any trouble soldering them together either.  I managed to melt NOTHING (except for the solder, which is the whole point), which is a very good thing.  Missy told me yesterday to make the chain 6 links long and if that is too many, I can just take one or two off.  I also soldered structural jumprings to both of the clasp components.  Tomorrow I will solder half rings to both of the smaller bracelet pieces and get everything put together.  At this point, I can put most of the parts together while leaving key solder joints un-soldered to make sure everything works together properly.  I may end having to work on this on Saturday, but I think that will be fine…..