I spent the morning bright cutting the background of the two secondary pieces of my bracelet.  That went fine.  I also bent them half-round with no problems and did a preliminary antique job on them to make sure the background looked OK.

I discussed various sorts of hinges and hinge mechanisms with Missy, Glenn and Bill.  I finally decided on a fairly simple (at least relatively speaking) set up that takes a tube between 2 slots cut out of the ends of the pieces in question.  I had something like that it mind but I didn’t leave enough room on the ends.  I thought that I had but, alas, the answer is no.  So I soldered a piece on each side that will comprise that side of the hinge.  As you can see, the antiquing didn’t survive the soldering process (I actually knew that would be the case before I did it).  Once everything is together, I will antique the whole thing.  I wish I could get the plating thing to work for me better because that would look spectacular, in my very humble opinion.  Maybe later…….