The deadline for this competition is one week from today.  My bracelet is coming along very well and I don’t anticipate any problems making the deadline.  I went ahead and did the layout and preliminary holes for the 4 tsavorites this morning.  After that, Glenn helped me pound the main piece half-round.  The bracelet is going to be a little on the small side, maybe 6 and half inches around when it’s all said and done.  It fits Mona’s wrist quite nicely.  I spent the rest of the day practice engraving and then REAL engraving the 2 secondary pieces.  I also cut the 2 smaller pieces out and got them shaped very close to the same.  Tomorrow I will do the background the same way I did the big part and bend them half-round and of course do the antiquing as well.  Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to get started on the connective parts of the bracelet.  So far I am really pleased with the way it is going.  They said I have to gypsy set the stones.  I was hoping to NOT have to do that but it’s OK.  I will manage.  The reason I am worried about that is the possibility of messing up the engraving I have worked on so hard.  I feel much more confident in a close-in situation with bead setting because I know I can pull that off even if there is relatively little space.