I have spent the last few days working on shading my engravings to get a more dimensional look.  That is rather difficult, as it turns out.  I am sure it is just a matter of practice, but it is still very frustrating to me.  Furthermore, on TOP of that, I SOMEHOW managed to screw up the geometry on my second favorite graver (formerly favorite graver) and now it doesn’t cut the way it used to.  I spent half of today trying to fix it and managed to just make it continually worse and worse.  Bill helped get it back to not-completely-FUBAR’ed status but it still doesn’t cut right.  That upsets me a great deal.  It is still a graver that I REALLY need to have in working order.  I was looking at some of the graver selections in one of our catalogs this evening.  I could easily spend 400 bucks on more gravers.  Of course, that would mean WEEKS of setting up 50-some-odd new gravers…..not my most favorite thing in the world.  I need to start working on my bracelet so I think whatever practice I get done tomorrow is just gonna have be good enough.  I only have 2 weeks to complete the bracelet so I need to get cracken on it…….