I came in this morning and put the disaster from last night back on the lathe, intending to cut off whatever was left of the Mokume.  I was pleasantly surprised after making a single light pass to see lots of copper color and some brass color as well.  I decided NOT to etch that ring again at all.  I got it all cleaned up and I think this is going to be my primary daily wear ring for a while.
After that I tried to do the flare bit on the other piece of filed mokume that I had.  That didn’t really go according to plan.  For some reason, half of each side of the silver “flare” actually flared and the other half didn’t.  That left me with an odd, almost-parallelogram profile for the liner and the mokume still looks straight.  Bill said he liked it and so I decided to just leave it the way it is.

I also spent some time working on the 2  blanks left from the star mokume billet.  I liners made for those and I did the flare bit on both.  Or, more accurately, I did the flare bit on one and the other decided to be chintzy.  Glenn and I worked on un-screwing the one that was uncooperative.  We managed to get the flare that was off straightened out.  I am not sure  if I will be able to re-flare it or not.  There isn’t that much there to work with.  It’s not a big deal because I can just cut the silver off the sides on the lathe and just solder that one.  I decided to put off my own billet attempt till monday.