Bill did a full fledged mokume gane demo for me today.  It’s kind of a shame no one else was here to see it.  I had a good time.  I shot about an hour and a half of video that I am gonna have to go through and edit down.  I don’t expect the whole portion to be more than about 45 minutes at most.  Bill said he could make one of these from start to finish in about an hour, so that is fairly appropriate.

We used copper and brass wire, 15 gauge, to make the basic mokume part.  Bill added a sterling silver liner to keep the brass and copper from making direct contact with the skin.  He made the ring so it would fit my right ring finger.  I twisted the wires together with a simple right hand twist initially.  Then we cut the piece into thirds and soldered the ends together.  Then we put the whole ensemble back in the vice and did a reverse twist on it.  This makes a really neat looking pattern.  Then Bill soldered the whole thing throughly.  Then we ran the the now solid piece through the draw plate repeatedly to get as much of the dead space out of it.  After we got it drawn how we wanted it, we ran it through the rolling mill to get something resembling ring stock out of it.

Then Bill bent one piece round after measuring how much my finger needed.  He also bent the liner piece round.  After soldering both of those together, he took them to the disc cutter and pounded the line in place.  Then he soldered the liner to the mokume.  After he trimmed the excess silver off, we put it on the lathe and did some cleaning up and some filing.  Finally, we did some buffing and etching to get the final coloration and finish.  And VOILA: a beautiful Mokume ring, for ME!!!!

I have another piece that I can make a ring with.  So probably tomorrow, while this is all still fresh, I am gonna give it a go on my own.  Of course Bill will be close by.  I am really glad I got a lot of good footage of Bill doing the first one.  I think that will help immensely.  When I am financially able, I am going to get some different types of wire and different shapes too and make some more stock.

I will post links to the video that I shot just as I have them in watchable form…..

We got about 5 inches of snow yesterday, but it isn’t all that cold out.  Yesterday was Richard’s last official day as a student, so I guess I am the senior student now…..