This morning I did a pair of gypsy settings on a silver practice ring.  They turned out well.  Bill also took an broken burr shaft and made a powered mini-burnisher for me, which works very well.  I still have to use the manual thumb burnisher to push the metal at the beginning.  The powered burnisher helps quite a bit.

Bill had Sherry and I watch while he re-sized a platinum ring.  I have only seen platinum work here a couple of times.  It’s so expensive that it doesn’t come through our shop very often.  The ring has a very nice emerald cut ruby flanked by a pair of trillian diamonds.  Bill had to take the ring from a 6 and 3/4 to  a 6 and 1/4.  He cut the requisite sized piece out and first tried to fuse the sides together.  That operation didn’t work out as well as he hoped, so he broke down and used platinum solder for a standard soldering operation.  I shot video of that too, so I will try and get it edited together and posted on youtube.

Platinum Ring resize part one:

Platinum Ring resize part two:

Platinum Ring resize part three:

Richard is going to do a vacuum casting tomorrow.  Hopefully I will get some video of that…