I spent today getting a pair of rings ready to do some gypsy setting.  Unfortunately, even though I started with fairly thick stock, 2mm stones are the only ones short enough to effectively gypsy set in them.  That is fine with me.  We have plenty of 2 mm stones around.  I gave one of the rings a short bevel of about 60 degrees and the other I filed  a wider bevel that was more shallow, about 35 degrees or so.  I got them filed and sanded and polished and tomorrow, I am going to work out a layout and git-R-done….

I have several pieces of silver stock left and quite a bit of silver for casting.  Missy suggested that in the near future I make some waxes that are geared towards gypsy setting.  I am planning to do a few more shells.  In the meantime, in addition to all the other projects in progress, I am going to do some decorative file ideas in some of the ring stock.  The ones that I like especially, I plan to make molds of so I can reproduce them without filing my fingers into oblivion each and every time.

We did get some snow here today, but it isn’t too bad.  It’s not really that cold either, just in the mid 20’s.  I was asking Missy about Mokume again and she now says that sometime in the next 2 weeks, she is gonna try and get that together. YAY!!!!!  I think I might get to learn the traditional technique instead of the california-wannbe technique.  We will see…..