I spent the morning alternately rolling out and annealing the copper ingots we poured yesterday.  I only took them down to about 10 gauge, which is about a tenth of an inch thick.  I also did some planishing before I put the ingots through the roller.  That is why several of the pictures have ingots with a hammered texture on them.  Once I got them down to the correct gauge, Missy showed me how to do the gypsy setting.  Cutting the seat is essentially the same as for bead setting, but that is where the similarity ends.  The next step is to undercut the hole with a hart burr.  That way, the stone will snap in place with the girdle UNDER the metal.  Then you take the power hammer and push the metal down around the sides of the stone. The last step is to take a small burnisher and smooth out the hammer blows.  I did two 4 mm stones and one 2 mm stone in about 2 hours without any significant frustration.  I am delighted after the NIGHTMARE that channel setting was.  This looks to be one of the settings I will use a lot for the hilts I have in mind.  The stones sit low in the metal and once they are in, they are very secure.  It would take a LOT of doing to knock one out if it is properly set. 

Tomorrow I am planning to go up to Kewaskum.  It’s about 2 hours away.  There is a guy there who sells block aluminum for relatively cheap, so I am gonna get some….