The last couple of days, I have been tackling (or trying to tackle) the IN-famous stepped channel ring.  I can honestly say this is the MOST FRUSTRATED I have been in the last nine months.  I take some comfort in knowing that Bill and Missy consider this to be one of the toughest projects in the curriculum.  Missy said she is going to put me on something else tomorrow.  In two days, I have not managed to effectively set a SINGLE stone.  All of the stones in photos were set (ostensibly to help me) by Bill or Missy.  I thought ordinary channel setting was difficult but this is an order of magnitude more difficult.  Bill did show me how to use bees wax to grab the stone and put it in place.  The tweezers gave me fits tryin to accomplish the same task.

On Friday, I spent the day drawing down some copper wire.  It started at like 6 gauge and, in 6 hours I got a strand down to 10 gauge.  I don’t consider that to be a worth-while use of my time, when  I can just order the size wire that need.

Bill did a demo yesterday on a type of inlay that I might try tomorrow.  We will see.  I also included a picture of Queen Arrow perched atop her throne….