I worked on one of the basic channel rings today again.  Missy showed me how to use the power hammer and that made life quite a bit easier.  I managed to get all the stones level and well spaced.  Bill gave me a pass on it, which makes me happy.  I will be starting on the stepped channel ring either tomorrow or Monday.  I was starting to really get sick of working on the same old thing. 

It is definitely winter here.  It hasn’t gotten above freezing this week.  That’s OK…..I’m prepared for it.  I spent yesterday reading metalworking books from our library.  Getting a personal library with copies of several of these books is going to be pretty high on my priority list after Christmas. 

I had a good Thanksgiving and I included a few pictures of the week’s festivities….

I gave my mother the necklace when they all got back from Boston.  I think that it went over well….