I managed to get the chain soldered to the necklace without incident this morning.  I used the third hand to rig the chain up so I could effectively aim the heat exactly where I needed with heat sinks on either side of the break in the jump ring that I was trying to close.  I spent the rest of the day getting it all nice and shiny.  I used a soft brush in my flex shaft for a preliminary shine and then used the red rouge wheel on the buffing machine to get the final finish.  I also VERY CAREFULLY did the chain on the buffing machine too.  I was a little paranoid about that, but Missy stated emphatically that I should be MORE careful than I think that I need to be when buffing chain because there is a substantial risk of injury.  All is well, however….I managed to not hurt myself during THAT part.  When I was soldering the last jump rings, I did manage to grab the piece that I thought was merely warm and got a small burn on my thumb.  It’s barely worth mentioning….

I very pleased with how the necklace turned out.  Bill also showed me a simpler way of making a hallmark (although not soon enough to actually use on the necklace….).  I imagine I will do an official version of that for myself after Thanksgiving.  He took a die stamp with a non-reversed D and stamped that into a nail modified into a rough stamp.  That way the hall mark stamp will appear reversed when you look at it directly, and in the metal it will be back the way it should be.  So I think what I will do is order a triangle stamp that is the size I want, a stamp with the number 5 on it and use those to make my hallmark stamp.  This method is A LOT easier than trying to carve out a miniscule stamp and probably cheaper than having it custom made (I hope…..).  Since I didn’t have a stamp, I carved .925 and a crude version of my hallmark with a graver……not the most best-est thing ever, but I think given the overall situation, it’s OK….

Tomorrow I will most likely get back on those channel set rings.  Missy is anxious for me to go ahead and get all of those passed, so I can move on to the gypsy setting.  Bill said that my necklace is a pass too, so that makes me happy!!!!