On Friday, I wasn’t feeling very well.  I’m not sure what it was but I decided to stay at home and practice drawing both on paper and on my laptop.  I finally was feeling better yesterday, but it kind of shot my weekend (not that I had any big plans….).  I came in this morning and started working more on the shells.  I also had a long talk with Glenn about the 2 machines that we are about to start building for me.  He was showing me the parts that he already has and we discussed the various ins and outs of both projects.  I didn’t think to take my camera out to the old forge, but I am sure there will be plenty of picture opportunities. 

We purchased a set of SILVER-ware on Friday.  It was 170 ounces and 2400 dollars worth of Sterling when it was all said and done.  Bill showed us how to separate the handles from the blades.  The handles have some sort of resin/wax-like material that you have to remove before you send it off to the refiner….

I finalized the necklace design this afternoon after having filed the shells to where I want them.  I spent the last bit of the day actually sawing out the main piece of silver that is crescent shaped.  Missy had a whole slew of good suggestions for making it better and easier.  The necklace and the channel rings that I haven’t officially passed yet are high on my priority list.  I had hoped to have most of my Christmas presents done by Thanksgiving.  That is looking unlikely at this point, but I will do the best I can…..