I spent a little while this morning continuing the casting clean up.  Despite my best efforts there are a couple of rings that are going to need solder attention before  I work on setting them.  I really thought that they were pretty close to perfection when I invested the waxes but clearly something was not right.

Our Eurotool rep came by today.  He had some neat gadgets to show us.  I ended up ordering a set of jump-ring pliers and a pair of wire-twistng pliers to add to my growing cache of Tool Junky-ness.  I had a hard time trying to cut jump-rings by hand and this set of pliers simplifies things immensly. 

I spent the afternoon learning about different wire twisting techniques.  There are a lot of neat things you can do in that genre of creativity.  I am thinking about taking a set of twisted wire strands and doing a uber-twist cage with them.  I am going to order some copper wire and nickel silver wire for that purpose.  You can also do rings and bracelets and necklaces that way too.  Bill is going to show me how to make chain mail at some point (this week,  I think….).  I am kind of excited about that…..

Bill and I also went over my file today.  I have been here about 8 months now and as it turns out, I am pretty much on track.  I have completed about two-thirds of the course work.  Bill said he is pleased with my progress thus far.  I am very happy to hear that.  He said that the mokume and damascus and inlay stuff that are high on my priority list are coming up very soon…..

We also had a visitor stop by who was driving a rather remarkable piece of “art”.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves on that one……