This morning I got all the pieces that I cast last night un-sprued.  I finally found a position that I could use to saw off the sprue sections that made contact with the shells themselves.  That was a feat in and of itself.  I broke approximately 18 JILLION saw blades in the process.  So it goes. 

Just before lunch, Glenn mentioned that he and Richard were going up to the HAMA forge in Madison for some mill work and envited me to come along.  Glenn took the change gears and we monkey’ed around with the Craftsman lathe for a couple of hours.  I cut the knurls off of three of my practice pieces.  We didn’t have trouble slowing down the head stock but the carriage was another thing completely.  We didn’t have enough change gears (or even the set up to use them) to make the carriage move fast enough.  So the spiral I got was very shallow and resembled widely spaced threads and not so much a spiral at all.  Glenn is considering other solutions to the problem.  When we got back to the shop, Bill said that if worse comes to worst, I can cut them manually on the lathe.  At this rate, it might just come to that….