I spent nearly an hour this morning trying to re-prong some of the waxes I shot yesterday.  I basically made myself crazy.  The wax pen is no where near precise enough for doing that.  Missy said that I am better off doing that particular fix in the metal.  I got 2 flasks set up today all by myself, which is a good thing.  Proof positive that I am learning something.  I did one with 6 of the horse conch shells my mom likes so much (I like them too, FTR) and one with a bunch of channel rings.  It will be 4 and a half oz’s total weight when I cast them.  I am going to put them in the kiln first thing in the morning.  The stupid leather string that holds my loupe in place broke FOR THE LAST TIME today.  I de-constructed one of the lanyards I made a long time ago out of 550 cord and used a section of that to make a new get-up. 

Missy brought several of Erika’s sculptures to liven up the retail space of the shop.  She basically takes junk and makes ‘non-junk’ out of it….I spent part of the afternoon perusing a metal working manual of Glenn’s that was originally published in 1907.  It has a great wealth of information.  I am going to take the ISDN number and see if I can’t get myself a copy….