Yesterday I intended to do this one as well for what I did Monday.  It took so long to upload the other 18 Zillion pictures that I decided to stop short at 2 entries for yesterday.  We had a father and son duo start as seminar students yesterday.  They work at a jewelry shop and the stone setter that worked there previously has moved on so they are here to learn some stuff for a week or so.  We also had a group of random people come by for a tour.  One of them was sporting UW gear but I don’t know if that is where they were from.  They didn’t really say much to me.  I spent most of Monday angry at my rings for being SO very uncooperative.  I managed to melt one of the celtic rings that needed to be soldered together.  I was more than a little unhappy about that. 

I did make progress on repairing the channel rings.  They both managed to give me fits of frustration as well.  I was building up the cracks with solder so I had to get the solder warm enough to be malleable but NOT so hot that it actually flowed like normal.  After much trial and MUCH error, I have more or less gotten the hang of that sort of repair work.

I also took the one non-damaged ring and filled in the pre-channels on the ends that are cut too high…..